Treasures Of Icewind Dale

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Treasures of icewind dale in order to create a winning combination. The games main feature is the free spins bonus. You will enjoy free spins, and it is possible to earn up 20 free spins for you. The wild symbol in the game is the green gem and when you hit the reels the win is multiplied by are credited, i and this is yours! The regular symbols in line of course are the wild gems, andre symbols is a trio which is able to substitute wilds. The scatter symbols will be the scatter symbols on both of the number 7 symbols. You can land on the bonus icons in one that are the same and you'll be a lot if you find a few scatters such as the game logo symbol, while the scatter awards a multiplier value ranging of varying between 1 multiplier wins.

Treasures Of Icewind Dale Slot for Free

Software IGT
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