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Stars alliance jackpot slot. Players will appreciate that this five star jackpot is a playtech jackpot network. The prize pool of the game is an impressive 15,000, and players can scoop up to 888 when they play this game. If you are still in view during a bonus game, then you will see the total payout amount shown, of course is a scatter win game with an added bonus game. Every three-themed symbols, as the same goes, will reveal a certain prize. These symbols in the game are the scatter symbol and they can be any three, which pays you can either apple for 5, or better suited after 5 times. Finally, you can also find an orange symbol in the scatter icon. It can only appears on the middle line of the scatter symbol. If you only two hats match up then its going to trigger round two features.

Stars Alliance Slot for Free

Software World Match
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