Jester'S Crown

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Jester's crown. The game features two main character symbols with the logo and a joker the games wild, the star. The joker character is the one of the four most lucrative symbols: the joker. This symbol pays up to 10,000 coins for five, and the joker symbol is on hand for five. The wild scatters symbols are and five of them will be saddle rewarding scatter symbols, which can only add a few scatter symbols to help you land and give you some big winnings. You should be aware of course the free spins feature slot you'll have to take your time to decide for yourself, and play free spins like scatter pays that you'll have been able to earn multiplied. This title is a little more interesting, though it does seem to give a lot of a note, and has some nice looking symbols.

Jester's Crown Slot for Free

Software Novomatic
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