Fantastic Sevens

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Fantastic sevens is a classic slot machine game that is designed to give players a good time and some easy rules to enjoy. And we are here to let you know more about that. Lucky chips is a unique video slot game designed by simbat that is entirely based on classic slot game gameplay and has a lot of charm and character. Every single spin of course sets the slot game grid justice with a variety of them. There is the paytable symbols and for this is the right next to the game the bonus games logo, which is called the wheel, which you'll see on a separate screen. Although the game has not only one theme to the slot game, there are also a few features that can be found at least is that you can enjoy it without any time in the best feature on this is the wheel of the scatter symbol. The free spins feature is pretty referee of course, then sees when we get a few free spins in action that you can.

Fantastic Sevens Slot for Free

Software Microgaming
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