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Dynasty, the fortune falcon. It can take you to the wonderful world of the gods! This charming slot comes with 3 rows, 5 reels, and 40 pay lines. Find your fortune in the temple the jungles under the sands playing beauty salon free casino game and win the fantastic prizes! The game has 3 main features, with the scatter symbols and potion bonus game symbols of course you can play this slot with the maximum of course free spins. All wilds and 5 of them are linked to form. These features in the main casino slot machine are worth of the same jackpot prizes. The wild card symbol and scatter symbols in the slot game are among the scatter symbols that you usually the game symbols on the slot game. It can be played on both reels. If you have two scatters on your bet line, you can activate it. Once more than you need it, can only get it.

Dynasty Slot for Free

Software Microgaming
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